Pussy Pleasure

Cassie Laine spent the night at her friend Sara Luvv‘s house. She met Sara through a mutual friend who happened to be a lesbian. Cassie was straight and needed a place to stay, so it didn’t matter to her. Unbeknownst to Cassie, Sara was a flipper. No dolphin puns intended because these two chicks were way too hot to think of something clever. Watching Sara eat Cassie’s sweet pink pussy was something too amazing to put into words. There is nothing hotter than sexy teen girls eating pussy and fingering each other.

Pussy Pleasure starring Cassie Laine and Sara Luvv

Pussy Preferred

Cassie Laine and Riley Reid were out partying the night before. The party got pretty hot and the two took it back to Riley’s house. Cassie wakes up early and goes to the kitchen to get something to drink. While reminiscing of the night before, images of Riley’s sexy body keep emerging and getting Cassie wet. Riley wakes up alone and soon joins Cassie in the kitchen. Cassie is happy for Riley’s warm embrace and the two start kissing passionately. Before things get too hot, they move to a more comfortable place where they can fully explore each other’s fit and firm curves and crevices. These two young hot and horny ladies put on quite the show as they lick each other from head to toe. After their bodies stop pulsating and gyrating, the two lay back in their satisfied states and drift off in each other’s arms.

Pussy Preferred starring Cassie Laine and Riley Reid


Lay back with Cassie Laine on the soft cushions of her sofa, as she basks in the late-afternoon sunshine and sends a hand between her legs to explore all the sweet spots of her peachy pussy. Taking all the time she wants to masturbate and tease her pussy, is a solo vacation from the stresses of her day, rubbing down her clit with her fingers. Once her pussy is wet and swollen with desire, she’s bringing out her favorite toy, a glossy blue vibrator which hums deliciously as it slides in and out of her pussy-hole.

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Delicate, creamy, and soft to the touch, Cassie Laine‘s skin is as inviting and sultry as silk sheets. It’s raining outside, so she’s collapsed onto the sofa with her lover Shyla Jennings for an erotic encounter. A delicious shiver of sexual energy passes between these lesbians with every touch of skin on skin. Watch Shyla nuzzle herself into the crack between Cassie’s legs, and treat her lover to the most satisfying orgasms.

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